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  • Partners on the mapGrant Agreement: 101070342
    • Establishment of a Europe wide platform addressing the Communication Network Technologies and systems in the context of 6G global developments. It supports the identification of strategic R&I orientations including at global level, the coordination of R&I results/initiatives at EU scale including Member State level initiatives, the dissemination and web presence, the organisation of Europe’s contribution to standards, and the identification of international cooperation priorities across key regions. The action is expected to directly contribute to support the early implementation of the new Smart Networks Services (SNS) institutionalised European partnership and the related programmatic organisation through cross SNS projects coordination.
  • Start date: 1 August 2022
  • End date: 31 July 2026
  • Coordinated by: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT, Finland
  • Total amount: € 6 024 476.25
  • EU contribution: € 4 663 334


DYNAMOS Project Overview

Targets for the overall DYNAMOS tunable laser are listed in the below table. Two iterations of design with be performed with targets listed as 1 and 2.

Project DYNAMOS table 1

DYNAMOS additionally aims to increase the number of supported channels while maintaining low switch time.
DYNAMOS figure 1

DYNAMOS architecture utilizes the thick-SOI platform. Benefits include: low propagation loss down to 4 dB/m, in part achieved by H2 annealing (below, right); crossings with low loss <0.02 dB; hybrid integration through flip-chip bonding; tolerance to fabrication variations; high power handling; and small polarization dependance. Various components which can be incorporated on thick-SOI are depicted in the below, left figure.

DYNAMOS figures 2 and 3

DYNAMOS architecture additionally utilizes the silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) platform for high-speed modulation. The fabrication steps are illustrated in the cartoon drawings a, b, d, and e below. Optical and RF field simulations (c) show overlap of optical and RF fields confined within the organic material. A very small footprint (f) can be achieved on this platform.

DYNAMOS figure 4

The table below shows the achievable parameters for various modulation technologies. SOH has a clear advantage over other technologies in terms of operation voltage while maintaining low loss and high bandwidth.

DYNAMOS table 2

DYNAMOS architecture utilizes InP semi-conductor optical amplifier arrays integrated with the thick-SOI and silicon nitride platforms (below).

DYNAMOS figure 5

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