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ACM international conference on computing frontiers May 2023
DYANMOS partner E4 presented the DYNAMOS project in addition to other EU projects at the ACM internation conference on computing frontiers in Bologna, Italy (9-11 May).

VTT meeting January 2023
The DYNAMOS consortium met for an in-person meeting 25-26 January 2023 at VTT in the Helsinki, Finland region. Representatives from each partner organization were in attendance.

DYNAMOS consortium partners met at VTT in January 2023.


Meeting at ECOC ’22 September 2022
The DYNAMOS team met for their first in-person meeting on 23 Sept. 2022 in Basel, Switzerland following the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC). Most of the project partners were already in attendance at the conference and stayed in Basel for an extra day for a face-to-face consortium meeting.

DYNAMOS consortium partners at our Basel, Switzerland in-person kick-off meeting on 23 Sept. 2022.

DYNAMOS consortium partners in Basel, Switzerland for an in-person meeting on 23 Sept. 2022.


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